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I was first inspires by space on Davidson College’s campus and the mental accessibility these places carry for different students. By this I mean that to some students, everywhere on campus may feel safe and resourceful while to some others a place as common as the union could be a place of anxiety for mental reasons not visible to the eye (anxiety, depression, OCD, disordered eating, PTSD, etc.) I began taking raw footage of places on campus that looked interesting and that could be considered utopian or dystopian in appearance. I then became interested in how color, saturation, and temperature of video and image can greatly affect the overall feel of an image. For this reason I altered my footage in Premiere to show each location in a different color style, suggested the possibility of both places feeling very different to different people.


Annotated Bibliography 

I used this video as an example to guide my raw video footage. I shot mine very similar, just panning the camera around my subject from different angles. 

This tutorial was very helpful in using Photoshop to create gifs

Another useful tutorial for when I encountered errors. 

Shows how to adjust color of video footage in Adobe Premiere

My 3D gifs were inspired by stereoscopy. Originally I wanted to create this effect in video form but it was not as accessible and just yielded a bunch of short clips that didn’t fit together nicely.

I aimed to create a 3D wiggle gif like the ones in this link. These are incredibly well done and really cool to look at.

Another 3D wiggle gif I stumbled upon that was one of my favorites 

A brief piece that skims the surface of mental accessibility

NPR Article on invisible disabilities and how those with them are often over looked when it comes to accommodations.